l  e  t    u  s    m  a  k  e    y  o  u  r    d  r  e  a  m
A       R    E    A    L    I    T    Y .
Architecture Design
We provide full architectural services for both new and renovation construction for numerous building types.  Some of our past project types include: Recreational Facilities, Health Care, Senior Housing, Theatrical, Single and Multi Family, and Educational Facilities.  We also work with specialzed projects such as dairy barms, horse arenas, aircraft hangers, information and visitor  centers, Automobile Dearships, and transportation  maintenance facilities.
Building Code
We provide assistance in building code issues that require professional knowledge.  Also, we provide code studies for buildings, fire wall constructions, and ADA compliance.
Energy Codes
We can preform energy calulations for residential and commerical construction.  The firm can help with energy efficency issues and design.
Structural Design
The firm offers services for wood frame  design and residential and small commerical  foundation design.  We also can perform foundation, reinforcing, wood frame, and underground plumbing inspectiions.
We can also assist in responding to home inspection and insurance issues. 
Special Inspections
 The firm can also provide the following special inspections that are required by the International Building Code Chapter 17.
  • Firewalls and pentetrations
  • Masonry construction
  • Steel frame/Red iron
  • Steel Deck
                              Visitor's Center
 9,000 seat Outdoor Music
                    Custom Single Family